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Leave more than we received

Each generation at Aveleda wants to improve what was passed down to them. Throughout our history, we have realized that sustainability and success are closely linked. With our eyes on the future, we have been developing a sustainability report for over a decade. We have defined our policy and objectives and we respect that sustainability is a continuous path and is a part of ours.


Renewable energy produced in house


Growth of plant diversity


Reduce water consumption


Electric passenger vehicles


Reduce carbon emissions per litre of wine

A Commitment

Our Sustainability Policy

A Commitment

At Aveleda, "Sustainability" is based on two main pillars: Biodiversity and People. We have set our policies and targets around the improvement of people’s well being and in the importance of preserving and increasing the biodiversity of the nature around us.

Guardians of a Dream

Human Values

Guardians of a Dream

The human, family and continuity values cultivated here are reflected in a close relationship between employees and partners. We are committed to providing a healthy work environment and work/life balance policy for all our employees. We offer support in education and cultural development for institutions that support disadvantaged people with a focus on local communities.

A Garden where we can dream


A Garden where we can dream

The legacy of Sustainability at Aveleda begins with Manoel Pedro Guedes, with his passion for wines, gardens and nature, and for the dream he wanted to fulfill at Aveleda. It is key for us to preserve the biodiversity of our gardens and forests, therefore, our commitment with the natural environment and biodiversity aligns itself with the goals set by the COP15, which aims to restore 30% of the degraded ecosystems on land and sea and protect 30% of the planet’s nature, by 2030.

What we grow today


Reduzimos o consumo de água


Energias renováveis geradas dentro de portas


Garrafas leves


N.º de colaboradores residentes na nossa propriedade


N.º de espécies botânicas nos nossos jardins


Emissões de carbono por garrafa de vinho


N.º de árvores plantadas por ano


Empresa familiarmente responsável

Aveleda in Portugal

Today we are in present in 4 regions across the country

Family Responsible Company

We encourage Creativity

Platform of ideas open to employees since 2015. The best ideas are awarded. The best idea of the year wins a special award.

Close to our Employees

Offer of a bottle on the employee’s birthday. Offer of a Seniority Award.Life Insurance and Pension Fund. Special conditions on Aveleda’s events and activities.

We promote Well-Being

Workplace gym sessions. Daily offer of bread and fruit. Offering Curative Medicine Appointments. Protocols with health clinics, gyms and opticians.


NP EN ISO 9001

Since 2001

NP EN ISO 9001

Quality Management System.

NP EN ISO 14001

Since 2008

NP EN ISO 14001

Environmental Management System.

IFS Food

Since 2012

IFS Food

Food Safety and Quality System.


Since 2017


Family Responsible Company.

The first company of the sector with this Certification.


Since 2021


Food Safety and Quality System.