Since 1870, the Guedes family has cultivated the art of detail, improving its work in the vineyards and in the wine, and their connection with nature and people.

Visiting Quinta da Aveleda is immersing yourself in the exuberance of the gardens, in the romanticism of the buildings that sprawl in it, in the vines as far as the eye can see and in the diversity of species that the surrounds it. But to get to know their wines, we must travel in a family passion.

Aveleda’s wines are part of the journey through the generations. They reflect this vibrant nature, dedication and attention to every detail, passed on from parents to children.


A brand connected to the history of the region

The wine project started at Quinta da Aveleda, in the 100 hectares that surround the manor house and its buildings. Looking towards the future, here the vineyards were already planted as the main crop. The demand for quality was high and the viticulture followed the French style, decades before the region even had a regulatory authority for its cultivation. Today, 150 years and 5 generations later, the vineyards of Aveleda are spread throughout the Vinho Verde region, making the most of the multiple wine-growing possibilities it offers.

The Aveleda wines are an unquestionable symbol of quality, consistency and reflect a very close relationship with the vineyard. Through high-density planting, with lower production per plant and better leaf exposure, we ensure higher quality grapes and a longer life for our vines. Through green coverings, border planting and techniques such as mulching, we minimize the need to intervene and treat, respecting the natural cycle of the plants and their interactions.

Small Details

Small Details

The Region

The Vinho Verde Region, in the Northwest of Portugal, is a wine region that faces the sea, thus deeply influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean winds, which spread across the region through the river valleys, combine with the humidity and the mild climate, giving place to a unique freshness and exuberance.

The soils are mostly granitic, with some schist areas that also allow us to explore new personalities in our wines.

The region was demarcated in 1908, 38 years after Aveleda was founded as a wine producer by Manoel Pedro Guedes.

Excellence and Quality

Excellence and Quality


Aveleda wines result from the dedication to the land and a detailed work, which begins in the vineyard and gains full expression in the winery. A work deeply linked to origins and values transmitted by the Guedes family, based on thoroughness and continuous improvement. Aveleda wines are a symbol of continuity, dedication and quality. And this quality is now reflected in a vast portfolio, which extends to the premium segment. These are wines that convey the terroir and typicity of the Vinho Verde region.

Small Details

Small Details

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